Freight bill audit and payment
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Sapperstein Logistic's business goal is to assist our clients in reducing and controlling logistics and supply chain costs.

We offer a full range of services, utilizing advanced technology, superior customer service from a highly experienced staff, and comprehensive supply chain solutions.

A world of options that saves you money!

Full service freight bill audit and freight management.
Post-Audit: No guessing games/no gambles! freight bill
audit after you have paid the invoices.
Freight bill payment services.
Founded in 1972.

Our detailed freight bill audit process could save you between 10% to 15% alone.

Our freight bill audit service is second to none!

We have years of industry experience and currently audit and process millions in freight bill charges for our clients.

Sapperstein Logistics

provides World class service in freight bill audit, freight logistics, freight payment and logistics management.

Our firm helps companies reduce their total transportation cost and improve their bottom line.

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